Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So, we met a contractor out at one of the properties my husband is interested in last night.  His estimate of what it would cost to ‘fix’ the place to a livable state was much higher than my husband’s estimate.  When I asked DH why the new estimate was so much higher, he told me because he planned on doing most of the work himself and just needed the estimates for the bank.  Right…   
Just when, my DH, do you think you will have time to fix this place up?  Nights and weekends?  So this week that would include Saturday afternoon and Sunday.  Last week it would have included Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday evening.  He travels, a lot.  That place is not going to happen without a lot of time and energy and let’s face it, money being spent.  We don’t have a lot of any of that. 
So, I do what I do best… worry. 


  1. FWIW, many contractor estimates will be low at this stage. There will be various permits, unforseen problems, etcetera that they will have not included.

  2. Oh, yes. We have learned that lesson the hard way too. You are absolutely correct. Thanks for the comment.