Friday, February 17, 2012


I grew up on a farm. You wouldn't think that gardening would be all that hard. However, we live in the suburbs of Tallahassee. We have ground - almost an acre - but it is all shaded. My husband has been clearing the land, but the roots are still there. Rototilling is out of the question this year. So we had to come up with another plan.

Container gardening is our solution. We have a giant pool and now lots of sun around it. We have found a source for free containers. Yep, free. Five gallon containers can grow almost anything - at least according to the extension offices. Any veggie you put in the ground can be put in a container. They even said some will grow better because we can move the containers to keep them in the sun AND there are no weeds to compete for food and soil.

So off we go - filling the containers with the small veggie and herb plants we have grown from seeds. Let's see how this works for us.