Sunday, October 31, 2010

Writing practice

Examples of first sentences:

"My friends think you're cheating on me."

Robert Frost thought the world would end in fire, little did he know that it would end in vomit.

The cat gives me more respect than my husband, well at least she sleeps only in my bed.

It was my last night in New York; last night as a virgin; and the last time I would walk anywhere unarmed.

My hand was holding a dry martini with an olive when it was severed at the elbow.

If I had known I would end up with Bubba as my cell mate, I wouldn't have shot Martina, or at least I would have hidden her body better.

Since Martin was always a fastidious man, I wonder if his liver tasted better to Jeffrey than the others.

The last thing that went through Douglas's mind (before the windshield of course) was that his wife was right about his mistress.

Chaos is sometimes created not by the actions of many, but sometimes by the inactions of a few.

God bless Daddy's rotten soul, he always had such bad taste in women.

She had such a fine pedigree, with papers to prove it, too bad she fell in love with a red-headed red neck.