Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bad Day - Round 2

Round 1: I had a bad day yesterday.  I get migraines.  Less often now than when I was younger, but about every six months or so I get a doozy that knocks me off my feet.  I have heard some people wonder why I have to take a day off because of a migraine.  The answer is, usually I don’t.  Usually, the medicine kicks in and makes me feel fairly normal pretty quickly.  Occasionally though, I get a monster headache that will not go away with medication, makes me puke at the slightest movement or smell, and blinds me.   Yesterday was one of those days.  I stayed in bed with the pillow over my head and the cat guarding my feet.

Round 2: Today, not long after I logged into work, I got the official notice. I will be unemployed soon.  It stinks, but I’ve been expecting it.  They have been having financial difficulties and half of the staff has been cut and the remainder took very large pay cuts.  I’ve applied for jobs in several places and hope I will hear something back soon.  Moving houses is still on for now, the new house will be WAY more affordable than this place.
I have been looking for ways to earn money in the meantime.  A friend told me that she always has friends looking for a housekeeper/cleaning service.  I think I will ask that she pass my information along.  Mostly I am worried about child support.  If I can’t keep up the payments (it’s close to half my income now) then the Department of Revenue will take my driver’s license.  That would make getting another job very difficult. 

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